Estrella “Star” Perez

Estrella “Star” Perez, Project Coordinator, Ms. Perez has been with the Principle Partnering Group, LLC. (PPG)  for more than 12 years and was the first employee hired.  Working as the Sr. Accounting Office Manager for 10 years, she was promoted to Project Coordinator  and has worked on many special projects as well as coordinating multiple projects in the horizontal, vertical, and infrastructure markets, Ms. Perez coordinates activities including maintaining project documentation, oversite of budget, scheduling, manages financial, insurance, and bonding queries for subcontractors and the principals. As the project coordinator, Ms. Perez is responsible for the accurate and timely set up of all project related services and aspects of appointed projects from start up to close out.

Ms. Perez, served as the Project Coordinator for Parsons Transportation Group in support of the METRO Light Rail, a $1.6B project in 2006 she was responsible for assisting in the development of project schedules, equipment,  and providing information to second tier contractors; ensuring that the clients needs were met as the project evolved and monitored all B2GNow reports and client payment systems that reflected owners’ records accurately by providing corrections report on a monthly basis due prior to cut off of the previous month. Ms. Perez assisted and supported project administrators on invoicing requirements and submission processes as well as on audit reviews when needed or required. Ultimately ensuring that all projects deliverables were completed on a timely bases within budget and while meeting PPG’s high quality standards.