The Principle Partnering Group, LLC

PPG specializes in Program Management (with a focus on Federal Regulations and Contract Compliance), Human Resource Solutions, and Business & Technology Solutions.

PPG works with government agencies, corporations, institutions, non-profits and small businesses to help them create Transparent Defensible Processes for compliance with contractual obligations, founded on a sound understanding of regulatory and contractual allowances, constraints, and requirements Small / Disadvantaged Business Enterprise programs.

The Principle Partnering Group has a proven record of client advocacy and a wealth of community involvement in the equity derived from historical business initiatives. Additionally, PPG’s multi-ethnic team provides direct access to all communities, including minority communities, as well as leading corporations, non-profit institutions and government entities.

PPG’s approach to managing programs begins with forensic examinations of contracts and applicable legal regulations, and understanding clients’ desired outcome. Combined with program expertise, Six Sigma processes, and a positive community relationship, PPG helps clients meet or exceed their goals.

Our commitment to excellence is not limited to business performance, but extends to serving. We believe in growing other businesses through mentorship and forging strong relationships through giving our clients more. Karen Becerra, PPG’s COO, leads the team with a fresh perspective, “we are in a performance-based relationship with our clients-responsible for measurable deliverables. We work hard every hour of the day with the goal of giving our clients more than they paid for.”

PPG’s commitment is to the people we serve daily, and for us, that is excellence.

Commitment to Excellence

The Principle Partnering Group values our clients, the equity we’ve earned in the community, and our respected name. Our values are people-centered and for that reason, we are rooted in and deeply committed to peak performance, continuous quality improvement, and delivery excellence. PPG’s CEO, Darryl King, explains, “Our name in itself is our challenge…that is, to be principled in every aspect of our business and in all that we do.”