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The Principle Partnering Group, LLC (PPG, LLC) / The Principle Partnering Group, LLC (PPG GLOBAL LLC) is pleased to announce that you can now purchase our SCPMS software solution through the State of Texas Department of Information Resources as outlined in DIR contract: DIR-TSO-3444

Product Offerings

The Supply Chain Performance Management System (SCPMS) is a software application that provides end to end transactional detail in real time and as a blockchain distributed ledger of data for procurements, contracts, activities and project details of actual transactions. SCPMS will collect all supply chain tracking the data for the compliance with the project contract for procurements and project controls. This user friendly application will interface and integrate with any other software application and agnostic. Additionally, the flexibility and multiple use of this application will allow  prime/ subs/vendors contracts to be used as the (smart contracts) to determine the contract value and tracking the actual payments, activities and reporting for services by client. Our database will track the date, amount paid and the services or product purchased and the remaining balance to total contract value as our distributed ledger of data. The document control features will allow attachment of pdf and any variety of data to be scanned directly in to the actual case file or records as validation of the transaction, activity or completion of a related contractual deliverable. Message flagging and reporting is offered to identify risks or where there is a deficiency in meeting the project objectives, goals, thresholds or timelines based on the use of the smart contract. This application is efficient, easy to use and cost effective for the small to large business budgets and offers a significant return on investment of reducing manual tracking and issues with data integrity.


SCPMS -Unlimited SCPMS-U $65,000 $48,750
SCPMS -Basic SCPMS-B $45,000 $36,000
Additional SCPMS Modules SCPMS-V 1-10 $5,000 $3,750
Installation for each SCPMS-U  & B INSTAL-F $20,000 $15,000
HyperMonitor Infrastructure Suite HM-I-N $15,000 $11,250
HyperMonitor Applications Suite HM-A-A $25,000 $18,750
HyperForms Document Mgmt Suite HF $40,000 $30,000
HyperCourt Suite of Court Mgmt HC-V3 $200,000 $150,000

* Price does not include a .75% administrative fee.

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