Governance, Risk, Compliance

The mission of Governance Management is to take an executive approach to inserting control mechanisms and processes that serve the functionality of a project.


One of the primary goals or PPG ISG is to address every area that impacts the energy management & sustainability goals of our clients through supply & demand side services & solutions.

People Source

People Source utilizes human resources technology, information systems, and management experience to deliver executive search, staffing services, and organizational development services.

Program Advisor

In it’s role as Program Advisor, PPG’s mission is to develop an aggressive Small Business Program approach that promotes building capacity, building sustainability, and will actively engage the small business community. Transparent, Defensible Processes.


The goal of PPG’s Transportation Division is to continue to serve Small Business Enterprise Programs with PPG excellence and Transparent, Defensible Processes.


PPG has a strong commitment to the inclusion of all businesses, both large and small. The Supplier Diversity and Small Business program helps support that commitment by promoting a business environment where our institution and small business can both benefit.